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Guilty Pleasures are six songs for voices, and/or MIDI-files written between 2013 and 2015. The idea is a flexible set-up, where some parts can be performed by live musicians, and others are played back with MIDI-samples. The sounding result is an odd hybrid of instruments and fake instrumental sounds. 

All songs are based on pop song titles or ad slogans.

Guilty Pleasure No. 1: I still haven't found what I'm looking for (2013)

Guilty Pleasure No. 2: Tonight is the night when two become one (2013)

Guilty Pleasure No. 3: Work hard. Have fun, Make history (2013)

Guilty Pleasure No. 4: Hit me baby one more time (2014)

Guilty Pleasure No. 5: Just do it (2014)

Guilty Pleasure No. 6: Think different. (2015)

No. 1-5 premiered by e-mex ensemble at Domicil Düsseldorf, 17th of November 2015, 19:30.


MIDI-only versions below:

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