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Fruits (2018)

pieces for piano and midifiles


Apricot _________4'22''

Black Currant____3'50''





The pianist is invited to choose freely which MIDI samples to play with.

MIDI files are here thought of as interpretable material. 

- not yet premiered -

pieces also available as electronic versions only

electronic version of Apricot broadcast by Deutschlandfunk Kultur on the 19th of January 2019

frei, ok (2018)

for performer and video, 10'46''


Investigating whether freedom is possible within the classic western composer-performer set-up, this piece invites every performer to radically appropriating it, thus transforming it beyond recognition. 

Written for and first performed by Neo Hülcker on the 30th of October, 2018, 20h at ausland Berlin















Video of the first performance by Neo Hülcker (frei, ok from 6:25):

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