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Album (2015)

for pdf, soundfile w/ or w/o piano, 26'25''

The piece consists of three parts, two of which also function as separate works.


1. the pdf-file

the printed album or the pdf-file can be read like a picture book for itself or along with the piece when the audio file is being played. It can also be projected or handed out to the audience in concert performances.


2. the audio file

The audio file can be played as a tape piece, at home or in concert situations, using headphones or a stereo sound system.


3. performing the piece

The audio file can - with or without the pdf/printed album - also be used as a play-along. Play a free improvisation on the note c' (= 261 Hz), using only one finger for the entire piece. The pianist can also read along the printed album, with listeners looking over his/her shoulder.


For Concert Performances

If it is chosen to display the visual album on a screen along with a performance of the piece, a slideshow of the pdf can be made. [2015]






First public performance by Mathias Monrad Møller, piano, on the 14th of August 2017, 21:00 at Harpa Reykjavík, Iceland as part of Ung Nordisk Musik Festival. Contact me for a free printed copy of the PDF.

Akt (2015)​

Essay für Zuspielung mit Flöte, Klarinette und Trompete, 21'52''


Essay in German about intimacy, sex and arts.



Wir müssen vielleicht den Begriff „Indiskret“ und „Diskretion“ jetzt einen Moment erweitern. Weil bisher ging es ja sozusagen ums Schlafzimmer.

Dann wurde mir so gesagt, ja, leg deine Sachen ab und ich hab... dachte dann so, ja ok, ich leg jetzt hier meinen Rucksack in die Ecke, aber ähm.. als ich dann die Garderobe gesehen hab, hab ich gesehen dass da einfach alle Sachen lagen, also man musste sich schon dann ganz ausziehen. Ähm.. ja, und das hab ich dann gemacht, bis auf die Unterhose...


Moment! Mit seiner Ehrlichkeit will er doch bestimmt was verbergen!



We may have to expand the terms "indiscreet" and "discretion" for a moment now. Because so far it's been about the bedroom, so to speak.


Monrad Møller:

Then I was told, so, now, put your things down and I thought... yes ok, I'll put my backpack here in the corner, but um... when I saw the wardrobe, I saw that simply all things were lying there, so you already had to take off all your clothes. Um... yes, and I did, except for the underpants...


Wait! I'm sure he's trying to hide something with his honesty!


Written for and first performed by 3® - neue blasmusik on the 17th of December 2017, 20:00 at Ackerstadtpalast Berlin

Also written in 2015:

The Death of the Classical Instrument Series

Der Tod des klassischen Instruments (2014-15) 

Essay for recorded ensemble, ensemble and tape 

part 2: feieromdlied (2014/15) for clarinet and play-along
part 3: Spandau (2015) for flute and tape
part 4: Habibi (2015) for piano (one or two hands) and play-along

also written in 2015: Guilty Pleasures 6 

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