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Pop Tart (2014)

for female performer and play-along file, 9'43''

this piece is about desire: sexual desire, desire to touch and be touched, desire to be noticed, desire to destroy, desire to play. the persona of the performer is that of a pop-performer: „supra-human“, but at the same time a physical body that can't escape humanity: thinking flesh, moving flesh, flesh with complex desires. the piece aims to present the body of the performer in this area of conflict. the persona of the performer is the offender, the victim and the witness in a play of powers, all at once.


















Written for and first performed by Marcela Lucatelli on the 4th of May 2015, 19:00 at Waverly Project, New York 

Air (2014)

ready-made for helicopter and train, variable duration

also written in 2014: Guilty Pleasures 4-5

pop tart SCORE.jpg
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