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Blondi (2021), 20'

scene for eight vocalists (SSSSAAAA) with in-ear monitoring and dog clickers, and loudspeakers

using the traditional German Schäferhundlied and words from Eva Braun's diary, from 1935.

Du höchste Rasse Deutscher Züchtungskunst

Mit Fleiß erwirbst du Volkes holde Gunst


I wish I had a dog.

- Eva Braun, 1935

commissioned by Solistenensemble PHØNIX16, Timo Kreuser 



Lebende Minus Tote (2021), ca. 90'

music theatre and VR-film, in collaboration with theatrale subversion Dresden

premiere at HELLERAU - European Centre for the Arts, June 2021











The 2017 Mississippi Spelling Bee (2021), 18'

for flute, trumpet, piano, two percussionists and electronics

Oh omnipotent academy, oh necessary mystique oh mootable mirage, oh mediocre boutique.

Oh capricious curriculum, oh fiery barrage oh colloquial hygiene, oh wanton dressage.

Oh cosmetic semantics, oh vulnerable physique oh average trauma, oh tragic elite.

video from the concert at HMDK Stuttgart, 26th of Novemver 2021



Also written in 2021:
Presidential Suite No. 4

a different reality exists

The 2017 Mississippi Spelling Beemusicians from HMDK Stuttgart
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